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Welcome to Studio Reformer Pilates, a unique venue dedicated to a revolutionary Pilates experience in Nice! We’re proud to be the pioneers of the Dynamic Reformer Pilates and the Neo Reformer on the Côte d’Azur.

Our studio stands out for its innovative machine-based workouts, which dramatically transform and tone your body in a short time. Our approach completely re-thinks traditional Pilates and fitness, combining effectiveness and fun in every session.

We offer tailor-made sessions full of energy, fun and caring, designed specifically to meet your individual needs. Our philosophy is simple: every movement matters, and every session is a step closer to achieving your personal goals.

We invite you to join our community for a dynamic Reformer Pilates experience. Transform yourself with the help of our dedicated team and discover the unique benefits of Dynamic Reformer Pilates and Neo Reformer.

Get ready to step into a new era of Pilates, where efficiency meets well-being in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Reformer Pilates vs Neo Former

Dynamic Reformer Pilates

Energize your workout with movements that combine speed and fluidity. Our sessions integrate the best of functional exercises and cardio, while remaining true to the essential principles of Pilates for perfect breath control, precise control and full body awareness.
Take up the challenge of Pilates reinvented for visible results on your body, and your well-being.

Today’s sweat makes tomorrow’s smile.
So get moving and treat yourself!

Neo Reformer

The Neo Reformer reinvents training with a holistic approach that fuses muscle strengthening and cardiovascular exercise, while preserving your joints.
Thanks to its innovative design with an enlarged carriage, a multitude of springs, and platforms on both sides, this machine propels traditional Reformer Pilates exercises to new heights.
Expect a boost in muscular endurance and cardio!

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"This was the best Reformer Pilates class in Nice!"The workout was intense enough to push me,and it was fun! After a few sessions, I'm starting to see my abs!
I loved the workouts!"

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3 group lessons = €90

Then benefit from -10% discount on the purchase of the next pack


Then benefit from -10% discount on the purchase of the next pack


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How to find us?


27/29 ave Jean Médecin, Europole Bâtiment C

3rd floor – Ring the bell at REFORMER PILATES

+33(0)6 85 90 56 47