Passionate about Reformer Pilates, she is the founder of Studio Reformer Pilates.

She obtained her certification in England and followed the Matwork 1 & 2 training at Stott Pilates in Milan.

Her main objective is to kindly encourage you to go beyond your limits.

She wishes to share her passion allowing you to become the best version of yourself.

“change happens through movement and movement heals”

“I believe pilates is the ultimate form of exercise to strengthen and rebalance your body while building long, strong muscles!”


Professional dancer and Pilates teacher who has danced on the most prestigious stages in the world. Bluebell Girl at the “Lido de Paris” since 2015, she was part of the original cast of “Paris Merveilles” created by Franco Dragone of the famous Cirque du Soleil. She is also a Fitness and Barre coach!

The combination of Pilates with elements of Fitness, Barre and years of intense dance training means that a class with Sinead will see you achieve remarkable results in just a few sessions!


Certified coach since 2016, is versatile individual who has is trained in different disciplines : fitness, crossfit, electrostimulation and pilates.

She’s an energetic and positive person who will accompany you and push you out of your comfort zone.

“My objective is to improve your physical and mental health through sport!“

“pilates develops the body evenly, corrects poor posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and uplifts the spirit”


Graduated as a Professional Fitness Coach, she was fully trained in the Pilates method by Peak Pilates, The Pilates Institute of London, and has developed a Pilates training school in Paris.

4 years of training in Natha Yoga gave her even more understanding of the body and the therapeutic functioning of the human being.

Her goal is to “teach you in a simple yet profound way in efficiency, happiness and precision. »

It is for this experience and passion that the most powerful sports brands in the world have become interested in her as a Master Trainer: Nike, Reebok, Spinning, Schwinn and Repetto.


Graduated with a sports training license and a professional fitness certificate, he has been working as a sports coach for over 4 years.

Passionate about sports, he practiced multiple physical activities such as running, weightlifting, basketball or even crosstraining.

Now trained in Reformer Pilates, his objective is to introduce this discipline to his clients.

Creative, he love putting together sessions that allow deep, gentle or intense work in order to globally improve all the capacities of the human body, balance, strength, flexibility, including breathing.

“It’s my pleasure to teach you. Come and try my class!”

“The objective of my classes is to strengthen the deep muscles for a toned and healthy body!”


Graduated with a license in sports training and a master’s degree in performance optimization. Has also complete her Pilates certification in 2022.

She has always loved sports, she danced for many years, and started bodybuilding and practicing Pilates a year ago.

Her objective is to initiate people to the practice of sport for pleasure and better overall well-being.


State-certified sports coach and fitness teacher, certified LAGREE Fitness instructor (method on megaformer).

After more than 10 years working in the ready-to-wear sector, Alexia decided to align herself with her passions and retrain in the world of sport and well-being.
Passionate about the human body and its infinite possibilities, she wants to put movement back at the heart of everyone’s concerns by paying particular attention to posture and alignment.

Her main goal today is to accompany you and guide you in your practice of Reformer Pilates.

“I help you strengthen your body and your mind through pilates and fitness to achieve your goals!”


Get you moving with fun workouts that will get you the results you’re looking for!

An intimate setting for personalized follow-up at each lesson.

Our watchwords are dynamism and alignment to sculpt your body effectively in complete safety.

Our goal: to make you stronger, happier and boost your health.

Pilates in a modern world!

Fun, creative, smart, unique and passionate – that’s how we describe our teachers and their love for all things Pilates and fitness!

Our team of qualified instructors is committed to helping you achieve your goals in a positive atmosphere. Our classes combine the teachings of classic Pilates and the elements of fitness. Our method thus offers an all- in-one approach that allows you to achieve your health and/or fitness goals.