A unique team, just like you

Fun, creative, intelligent, unique and passionate – that’s how we describe our teachers. All are dedicated to guiding you towards achieving your aspirations, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Each teacher brings his or her own unique vision and personal touch to training, while remaining attentive to your individual needs. We are committed to creating a space where every movement counts and contributes to your personal and physical development.

Our sessions fuse the best of Pilates and fitness to harmonize your mind and body. Together, we cultivate strength, flexibility and agility, both mental and physical.


Studio Reformer Pilates, founded by Amalia, embodies her commitment to fitness and well-being. Constantly seeking a complete workout for body and mind, she offers rigorous Pilates sessions on machines, incorporating modern, dynamic and creative exercises.

Inspired by the buzzing energy of New York, she has designed programs that combine rigor and inventiveness to transform your Pilates experience. Today, Amalia’s passion for fitness and well-being continues to flourish, creating an enriching experience for everyone who walks through the studio doors.

Join us and let Amalia’s passion for well-being resonate with every fiber of your being.

Amalia team studio reformer pilates nice
team studio reformer pilates nice


Endowed with unrivalled expertise as a Professional Fitness Coach, our expert, qualified and trained in the Pilates method by Peak Pilates and The Pilates Institute in London, has also fashioned a Pilates training school in Paris. With four years’ in-depth training in Natha Yoga, she has acquired a profound understanding of the body and the therapeutic workings of the human being.

Terry-Lynn transcends the traditional coaching role to offer soul-touching instruction, targeting efficiency, joy and precision to sculpt your wellness journey.

As a Master Trainer, she has collaborated with giants such as Nike, Reebok, Spinning, Schwinn, and Repetto, testifying to her notoriety and influence in the fitness industry.

Do you aspire to awaken your inner strength and push the limits of your comfort zone? Book your next session with Terry-Lynn and find your way to a complete metamorphosis in performance and health.


Proud holder of a degree in sports training and a “brevet professionnel de la forme”, David has devoted many years of his life to the profession of sports coach. His boundless passion for sport has led him to explore a variety of physical activities, from running to weightlifting, basketball and crosstraining.

Today, with his Pilates training on reformer, David is committed to sharing this innovative discipline with you. Endowed with boundless creativity, he takes pleasure in designing personalized sessions that allow for both gentle and intense in-depth work.

His approach aims to improve the body’s overall capabilities, from balance and strength to flexibility and breathing. Your well-being is his mission; he goes beyond conventional training and is dedicated to being your mentor in a transformative journey that promotes your lasting well-being, on the reformer and beyond.

team studio reformer pilates nice


With a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Training and a Master’s degree in Performance Optimization, Sarah enriched her career by obtaining certification as a Pilates teacher in 2022. Her innate passion for sport guided her through several disciplines, from dance to weight training, before finally plunging into the world of Pilates.

With her extensive training in Reformer Pilates, Sarah aspires to share the benefits of this discipline with others. Her versatility in fitness gives her a global vision, promoting fulfillment and joy in movement.

Committed to enriching your daily life, Sarah immerses you in the world of Pilates, inviting you to adopt a practice that strengthens physical and mental harmony for an improved and sustainable quality of life.


A sports coach specializing in Reformer Pilates and holder of prestigious certifications such as EXOS Performance Specialist and Z-Health Performance Solution, Raphaël forged his expertise at Adidas World Headquarters in Germany as an experienced physical trainer. His reputation has led him to travel throughout Europe and the United States, where he supports the performance of professional athletes who place their trust in him.

In addition to his mastery of Pilates on the machine, Raphaël is also a qualified trainer in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. His commitment to sharing knowledge is reflected in his regular participation in diploma courses, where he passes on his knowledge and experience to future generations of sports coaches.

Each session with Raphaël is a tailor-made creation, precisely targeting your physical aspirations. His constant good humor and infectious smile make every workout not only productive, but extremely enjoyable. With Raphaël by your side, prepare yourself for marked progress towards your goals, in an atmosphere that’s as caring as it is effective.

team studio reformer pilates nice


With a passion for fitness and a background in nutrition, Marine obtained a “brevet professionnel de la forme” (professional certificate in fitness) before blossoming in the art of Pilates, a revelation that profoundly enriched her understanding of the human body. Not only has this practice enabled her to refine her own posture and mobility, it has also brought her a profound connection with her very being.

Marine advocates a holistic vision of health and fitness. Her mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals, while establishing healthy, sustainable routines. In her company, expect an experience that transcends traditional workouts.


A state-certified coach with a passion for health and well-being and three years’ experience, Eva is committed to guiding individuals towards achieving their full physical and mental potential. Her journey naturally led her to the Reformer Pilates studio, where she deploys her skills for the optimal well-being of her clients. Each class with Eva is an in-depth exploration of muscular strength, combined with exercises targeting balance, coordination and agility.

Eva’s ultimate goal transcends mere physical training. She aspires to accompany you on your journey towards a better version of yourself.

With Eva, every session is an opportunity to elevate yourself to new heights, where physical and mental transformations meet to create an unforgettable holistic experience.

team studio reformer pilates nice
team studio reformer pilates nice


A BBJEPES state trainer and former professional American footballer, Andrew brings exceptional experience of top-level sport to his coaching role. His expertise will help you achieve your goals and bring out the best in yourself.

An expert in Pilates on reformer, Andrew concocts precisely designed sessions to deeply shape and strengthen the body. Through his unique approach, he inspires, guides and pushes his clients to go beyond their limits.

With Andrew, every session is an opportunity to discover an enhanced version of yourself, where physical strength and mental clarity meet to create an exceptional coaching experience.


Since obtaining his Bbjeps diploma, Joachim has thrown himself passionately into the field of physical preparation and coaching. As a top-level sportsman, he works with a wide range of athletes, from amateurs to professionals.

Drawing on his experience, Joachim has perfected his ability to adjust training programs to suit a variety of audiences, offering everyone the chance to practice in the most effective way possible. With him, each individual can achieve his or her goals in a personalized and motivating way. His reformer pilates training is designed to be dynamic, with no frills, emphasizing technique and exercise progression.

For him, nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing his clients surpass themselves and achieve their goals in a balanced and harmonious way.

team studio reformer pilates nice
team studio reformer pilates nice


Graduated in DEUST Métiers de la Forme! Passionate about balancing physical and mental well-being, Gala excels in leading traditional group classes such as Yoga, Pilates and TRX. Her versatility extends to yoga, Pilates, cycling and strength training.

Thanks to her in-depth expertise, Gala is able to design personalized training programs, ensuring attentive supervision and follow-up. She’ll guide you towards your fitness and well-being goals through physical and mental transformation!